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Slide IFCapBuilding is operating in Turkey, but it also have strategic alliances in Qatar and Malaysia.

Financial Institutions Businesses Individuals Entrepreneurs Global Presence, Local Insight IFCapBuilding is an international consultancy, training and R&D firm located in Istanbul, committed to promoting Islamic Finance as an end-to-end sustainable economic ecosystem to

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in the Financial Markets
Islamic Finance is considered to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the financial industry. It has a global size of USD 2.5 trillion and estimated to reach USD 3.5 trillion in 2024. Be a part of this industry

Positioning its own Financial Centre as an Islamic Finance Hub is getting a universal marketing strategy As a result of its unbelievable growth potential, many countries are vying to become leading regional and global Islamic finance hubs and Turkey is one of them with its Istanbul Financial Centre expected to be opened soon.

Slide MAIN PROBLEM IN ISLAMIC FINANCE For the Islamic finance industry to maintain its current rapid growth it is essential that there is greater awareness of its benefits among the public and that professionals are equipped with the specialist knowledge required for its development. Experience in the conventional finance industry alone is not enough as Islamic finance professionals also need to be knowledgeable in the Islamic law governing financial concepts and products. HUMAN CAPITAL SHORTAGE
Building human capacity in Islamic Finance is crucial 1500+ %80+ %60+ Islamic Financial Institutions are seeking well-talented Islamic Finance Human Capital across the world. of the Islamic Financial Institutions is facing well-talented Human Capital Shortage of Islamic Finance Professionals need further training and talent development programs.

Slide IFCAPBUILDING is aware of the main problem IFCapBuilding has primarily focused on H&R capacity building (strengthening) efforts in Islamic Finance. It also aims to close the Human Capital Shortage of Turkey's upcoming Istanbul Financial Centre operation and to build HR infrastructure that will contribute to the global development of Islamic Finance.

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